Holy crapoly, it’s been 2 months between posts!

Sorry about that, I DO actually have a bunch of half written blogs that I kept forgetting about.

Part of my reluctance to post lately is that I feel I don’t have any good news? I guess? And my brain insists that we only post positive thoughts.

But you know; I think I fail myself and maybe others by doing that. If there is at least one person out there reading this because their brain plays the same tricks mine does then my not acknowledging my falls and feelings of being doomed to despair, may make them think they’ve failed because they have them and I don’t.

So yes, I have fallen many a time. Even medicated. Even surrounded by support and loved ones. Even having a partner who is completely behind me.

I’m sure I’ve got half written depression phase notes all over my computer that I never post; if I can find them, I’ll post them for more insight on my err… God my brain just said “journey” and immediately responded to itself by going “Blech!!” How about my attempts to drag myself out of the pit and into the sun again?

Taming the beast that is Bipolar is as much about recognizing the dark moods as it is about finding the light.

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