I’m a remorseless googler

For this I love the internet, though its genius is also its downside; it gives us a plethora of information and communication. So much so, that fraud, disinformation and data manipulation is easily dispersed amongst it… Still, I feel if you’re reasonably diligent about fact checking and verification, you’re far better off knowledge wise than … Continue reading

I’m not feeling very talented lately… So I’m making scales. It’s the current point of experimentation I’m at. I’m playing with my supplies so I can see what I can do with them. It seems pretty useless, but some of my best ideas happen because I’ve been testing random stuff to do/use. I really like … Continue reading

Just Keepin On Keepin On.

Just Keepin On Keepin On.

I admit, I’m frustrated with myself right now… I believe it’s Asshole Brain’s doing more than my own legitimate feelings, or rather that Asshole Brain is currently majorly magnifying my doubts and fears. There’s part of the problem I think, it takes grains of truth from my subconscious and warps them into nightmares, but because … Continue reading

Sometimes Nothing Works.

I’d like to preface this by saying I wrote it two years ago. Untreated and right around the time I truly crashed. I’m posting it as a contrast to how I speak and think now. I’m posting it as a reminder to myself that I AM getting better even when I have super-meh days like … Continue reading