Sometimes Nothing Works.

I’d like to preface this by saying I wrote it two years ago. Untreated and right around the time I truly crashed. I’m posting it as a contrast to how I speak and think now. I’m posting it as a reminder to myself that I AM getting better even when I have super-meh days like … Continue reading

Faux-Stained Glass Therapy

I have this terrible habit of wanting to be at my best at the very beginning of everything. It’s a large part of what sabotaged my attempts to control my depression. I’d say my bipolar, but frankly, I like the high side for the most part. So this time, I am trying to be careful, … Continue reading

Canada Goose: Death From the Sky (Or at least really huge bird shit from the sky, which is also rather unpleasant)

“Because fuck you, that’s why.” Which, I’ll have you know is the slogan of the majestic Canada Goose. I always want to say “Canadian Goose” because damn it, that makes more sense within the constructs of the English language as I have been taught them. Whenever I have to talk about the plural form of … Continue reading