Sleeping Guppies

Did you know guppies sleep? I didn’t. I thought he was dead, so I went to take a closer look, tapped the glass lightly… nothing. Then Itchy; seeing me; scoots his fat cootery ass over because I am the Great and Powerful FOOD slave. Where I am, there may be food. So I start to … Continue reading


Holy crapoly, it’s been 2 months between posts! Sorry about that, I DO actually have a bunch of half written blogs that I kept forgetting about. Part of my reluctance to post lately is that I feel I don’t have any good news? I guess? And my brain insists that we only post positive thoughts. … Continue reading

I’m a remorseless googler

For this I love the internet, though its genius is also its downside; it gives us a plethora of information and communication. So much so, that fraud, disinformation and data manipulation is easily dispersed amongst it… Still, I feel if you’re reasonably diligent about fact checking and verification, you’re far better off knowledge wise than … Continue reading

I’m not feeling very talented lately… So I’m making scales. It’s the current point of experimentation I’m at. I’m playing with my supplies so I can see what I can do with them. It seems pretty useless, but some of my best ideas happen because I’ve been testing random stuff to do/use. I really like … Continue reading