Graphite Drawings

Graphite is my first true love in artistic mediums. I work mainly with mechanical pencils, because I prefer the precision they allow. I do commissions, prices vary depending on the amount of subjects, size, and whether background is desired. It’s easier to draw one 16 inch drawing of a face than it is to draw two faces on a 12 inch surface, so size won’t change the price as much as the number of subjects will.

My base price for now is $60 for an approximately 9 x 12 inch drawing. Plus shipping and what have you.

I draw on bristol board, but I’m more than willing to use other materials, the end result may be different if I do so. Here are some samples. I’m including some rough works, because I don’t feel I have enough variety in my finished work, at least, finished work I remembered to scan before it left my hands forever.

If you’re interested in a quote, or would like to get a basic sketch you can reach me on my FB fanpage, at, or leave me a message here.


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