Swirly Things

I used to draw swirly lines and leaves and things in the borders of my school notes. I decided, upon staring at a picture of a a horse, that I could probably draw the whole thing using only swirls. Then I just kept trying other things to make the same way. They aren’t precisely entirely swirls, but I like making them just the same.

Want your own? For free?

Well, if you read the page about Quick Sketches, you probably already know what I’m going to say! First, follow me on Facebook here:


(If Facebook isn’t your thing you can also comment here, or email me @ mariannemasonart@gmail.com but the drawing will be posted here & Facebook.)

Then, upload the photo you want drawn in this style. If you have a specific animal you want done, but not your own photo of it, let me know what critter, and I’ll do my best to find one for you, or draw from memory.  If I choose yours, I will use it for marketing purposes. If it is from my own photo, or mind, I will allow it to sell as a print, if it is your photo, you and you alone get to have it, unless you choose otherwise. I also ask that you share the finished piece on facebook(or anywhere else you desire for that matter!). Ill choose based on how likely I am to be able to make a drawing of that style from the photo you give, and my own fickle nature.

Feel like the free drawing was just too good of a deal? Feel free to send me some money via Paypal!


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