Sleeping Guppies

Did you know guppies sleep?

I didn’t. I thought he was dead, so I went to take a closer look, tapped the glass lightly… nothing.

Then Itchy; seeing me; scoots his fat cootery ass over because I am the Great and Powerful FOOD slave. Where I am, there may be food. So I start to tap more frantically and move from the spot and the guppy starts up like a sailor the morning after returning from shore leave.  Wibbling, wobbling… and then he darted off, crisis averted. Not that Itchy paid him any attention at all, he just stared me in the eyes the entire time.

Hmm, do you think he could be a relative of Hypnotoad?

Anyways, I put 4 guppies in there originally, my theory is that one died of natural causes, and one was eaten by Itchy who then decided that guppies taste crappy and not to bother. I have literally watched him completely ignore one of the guppies that swam directly in front of his maw while Itchy is alternatingly and frantically waving his love handles at me and trying to swim his way straight up out of the water.

i just checked on Itchy, because I was hearing weird noises… nothing happening though. It did however remind me of something:
I err, well you see, I bought yet another tank from a friend. It’s already up and running and filled with fish. While I was over there looking at it, the turtle was mentioned and she looked mildly horrified and told me not to put the turtle in with the fish, because well turtles are pigs, and while he won’t eat guppies that swim away, I’m pretty sure he’d eat an easy target. 

And as I remembered my mind decided to visualize the scene from Futurama where Nixon is recorded saying, “I’ll go into people’s houses at night and wreck up the place!” except Nixon is Itchy, and he’s saying “I’ll go into fish’s houses at night and wreck up the place!”


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