I hate writing “abouts” but who doesn’t? Ok, I’m sure there is some weirdo out there who absolutely loves writing them. If there can be people who enjoy wearing diapers and being fed bottles, surely there are people who love writing mini bios.

Should I tell you about how I was practically born with a pencil in my hand? List my artistic achievements? Explain my training, my experience, or my relative lack of either? Should I describe my work to you, tell you how much it means, and what effort I put into it? If my art doesn’t already speak more eloquently to the details of all of this than anything I could write, then I’ve already failed.

 It also doesn’t have the annoying side affect of making me sound like a pretentious idiot.(Whenever I write about myself, I have this fear, the internal dialog goes like this:

“Hmm, I think that sounded pretentious, I should apologize, as I’m not pretentious.”
“Wait, maybe I just hate the idea being pretentious so much, that I don’t realize I really am.”
“Crap! Maybe doing all this apologizing for it is actually just emphasizing it? ABORT ABORT ABORT!”

And then I end up with nothing written, or I just go overboard on TRYING to sound pretentious… I also do this with a fear of sounding boastful, or annoying.)

If for some reason I haven’t managed to scare you off, and you want to see more of my stuff here are some links:






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