One Day I’ll Post Regularly Again. Honest.

So the other day, I was chatting as I am wont to do in those rare times when I’m feeling social. I enjoy the ability to talk and then if I get overwhelmed I can just scoot away, close my laptop, or whatever. It gives me the interaction we all crave without the, “Oh shit what if I get stuck here and my mood flips and I’m stuck looking and sounding like an asshole? Or I panic for no damned reason and turn into Derp Supreme?!.” And at least when chatting online, I have the opportunity to delete shit before I actually spout it. Though, to be honest, I rarely delete said shit, I’m rather stream of thought when it comes to how I communicate. Of course, with blog entries and whatnot, I will go in and edit, but the edits are minimal and usually only for typos and when my brain tells me a better word would fit than the one I originally thought of. Or I read it and it makes no damned sense. 

See? This is why when I’m trying to tell you about a specific subject I tell you all this other crap as well.

Anyway, I was saying how there are certain pieces I’ve done, that still amaze me, that I still have a hard time believing I made them. That I still stare at and know I did it, but can’t imagine how. That I love so much that it seems someone other than myself must have done it.

Now, before you go all, “Oh stop fishing for compliments!” I want to explain that this is a good thing. I never ever want to lose that feeling. Once I lose that feeling it all becomes pointless. The wonder is gone and I’m left with… work.

On the other hand, I have a tendency to put off pieces that I’m really afraid I’ll mess up., which might not happen if I had the confidence to believe I’ll love everything I do and it will all be awesome. Win some, lose some I guess. 

Oh and here are some more of the Gallery Glass paintings. Plus a bonus pencil drawing. You might start to sense a theme here after the rooster.






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