Quick Sketches

These are drawings that I take a lot less time on than my usual work, they’re digital, drawn in GIMP with a Wacom tablet, but using the same technique as a standard pencil sketch, I use a photo, but for reference only. They started out as practice, but I’ve discovered that I rather like how they look, so I started taking more time with them, though they are still far faster than a full illustration. When I’m stumped, or a larger piece is taking me forever I like to do one of these just to break it up. I’m including ones I’ve done so far, but I’ll post each as it’s own entry going forward in addition to adding it here.

If you’re interested in having one done, there is a chance you can get a free one. Your first step is to follow me on facebook. There should be a link around here somewhere, but just in case, and because I’m new to all this, here is a link:


(If Facebook isn’t your thing you can also comment here, or email me @ mariannemasonart@gmail.com but the drawing will be posted here & Facebook.)

Once there, upload the photo you’d like sketched, and share my page. If I choose to draw it, all I ask is that you share the photo on your feed after it’s done, and allow me to use it in the future for marketing purposes only. I won’t sell the image, and you can keep the full size finished copy. I may refine how I choose what to sketch, but at this point, I don’t even know if anyone will take me up on this so I haven’t put much thought into it. I tend to expect the worse. Generally, the better the resolution, and the more interesting the shot, the more likely I am to pick it, it’s all on my fickle nature for the time being.

Feel like the free drawing was just too good of a deal? Feel free to send me some money via Paypal!


5 thoughts on “Quick Sketches

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