Some More Colouring!

I use exclamations so as to trick you into thinking this is exciting and interesting stuff!


I really like these colours, so you’ll probably be seeing more of them…
Rose overhead sketch colour

Well speak of the devil!
rose 5 sketchblueredyellow

OK, a lot more, but if another artist can paint a blue dog multiple times, and another can just stick a big rope to a canvas, surely I can be forgiven for recolouring all my work in this colour scheme. (Wow that came out sounding a LOT more condescending than I intended… which is to say I intended none at all. OK, maybe a smidgen about the rope.)

flamingo sketch colour


A Scribbly Rose, Remade on Canvas. With Ballpoint Pens

You may have noticed a partial blue rose picture I posted a while ago, which was done as an experiment. I have numerous small canvases with random painting experiments done on them, does anyone else do this? Do you think I can sell them as abstract art?

Where was I?

Oh yes. Well, I made a finished piece based on the experiment. This is a “painting” (If it’s on canvas, my mind declares it as a painting.) of one of my digital scribbly paintings, drawn in a similar fashion using ball point pens over a blue marker background on 8×10 inch wrapped canvas.

The scan isn’t great… who knew a $30 printer/scanner would wind up being a hunk of crap? Weird. And it doesn’t achieve quite the level of detail that I can get on the digital version, but I am rather happy with it.

Should you be interested, this piece is for sale @ $25.00 + shipping, and you can contact me about it in the comments here, or on my Facebook page 8709478717_af8eb615fc_k


I’ve been wanting to do actual physical scribbly drawings, and have found that ball point pens seem to work best. After trying it out on paper, I started thinking that it would look kinda cool on canvas, my subconscious replied that ball point pen does not belong on canvas. I asked it why the hell not and it had no response, so…I am experimenting.

This is ballpoint pens (blue & white gel) + liner on canvas. It’s one of my previous digital scribbly sketches, though I left a fair amount of the original out, as I really just wanted to see how it would look on canvas before I try a full piece. Also, to test how the white gel pen would work over the darker pens. The camera sort of dulls the white, so imagine those parts as brighter.

The only real problem is that, with a digital piece, I’m working on a MUCH larger scale, so the lines look much thinner, and I’m able to get better detail with them because of that.

ballpoint rose