Ali and Bear Portrait.

Wow, I’ve been neglecting you, haven’t I? Well here’s a drawing that took me eons to make up for it.

It’s graphite on bristol paper, and I actually intend on adding a background, but my favourite part is done so I’m impatient to post it! You’ll notice an incongruous white block… err sorry ’bout that, I had to scan it in two parts, and for some reason I clipped the bottom of the human half.

alibear done


Moth Skull

I could have sworn I gave this piece it’s own post. It’s one of my personal favourites.

Started out as a graphite drawing:


Then, I decided to try making a digital painting version, using GIMP. It’s either my first try at doing an actual painting in GIMP, or my second, but I’m pretty sure it’s the first one.


And I was really happy with how it turned out, right up until I hated it and decide to redo it from scratch after becoming more familiar with GIMP.

And so this incarnation came to be:


Annnd, another incarnation was used as a promotional poster for Hugh Howey’s book, I Zombie. Which I must tell you makes me idiotically giddy, considering how much I like his books. In the future, I will be holding a contest to win one of 3 full colour posters, which are part of a limited number that have been signed by Hugh Howey.


Have Paper, Will Draw.

Leave me alone with even the barest scrap of paper and anything I can draw with, and eventually I will. I can’t help it. I don’t draw because I think it will gain me anything. I don’t draw because I want attention. I don’t draw because someone asked me to. I draw because that’s what I need, and I couldn’t not do it if I tried, eventually I must have that fix. That’s not to say I don’t like the idea of gaining from it, or getting attention, I most certainly do. I’m happy to draw for someone that asked me to, but it’s still a case of doing it because I want to. If I never received another compliment on my work and I knew I would never be able to make any gains whatsoever through it, still I would draw. There are times when I can’t, that switch is somehow turned off in my brain, when I’m overcome by apathy, and it’s horrible. When I can’t draw through mood or circumstance, it’s like I’m missing a piece of myself. When I put pencil to paper, it’s not just graphite I lay on it, it’s part of my soul.

Here are two really rough drawings I did around 6-10 years ago, I suppose I can tie them in. They were both done on envelopes. The paper the lions are on was creased before I drew on them, that’s just absolutely all I had available. I know they’re not up to my usual standards, and they’re on crappy paper, but I’m strangely partial to them.



Dixie and Puppy

Like the one I posted yesterday, this is graphite on 9 in by 12 in bristol paper. Dixie is on the left, and Puppy is the puppy, but in name as well as description here.

I can’t think of anything to say damnit. Hmm… I love to draw pitbulls, they have such expressive faces, and well, short fur.

I can’t find the source photo, but it was taken by and drawn for Lisa Kelly-Wilson (Who is an excellent editor, should you need one.)

Amber and Jolie

I figured I should give each piece it’s own post. It’s part showing off, part advertising I guess, and part individualizing the works for people who haven’t seen them outside of the gallery I have of them on here.

First the technicalities. This is a graphite piece on bristol paper, primarily using a mechanical pencil. I prefer crisp lines and I haven’t found anything better for that than smooth bristol paper, so it’s my medium of choice. The paper is 9 in by 12 in, and sealed with matte finishing spray for everything except the dog’s eyes and the sun glasses’ lenses which were sealed with high-shine finishing spray. The scan job pretty much negates the shine, which annoys me to no end, let me tell you.

I loved this piece when I was done, as I do any that I draw from the heart and I still do. Only the more time goes by, the more my first thought on seeing it is, “I could do this better. I should try it again.”  Which is pretty typical for me, if I encounter the slightest flaw that I know I can fix, I am irrationally compelled to start all over again. It’s a memorial drawing, for the loss of Jolie, the dog portrayed. I still tear up when I think about it/look at it and knowing how very hard it was to lose my own dog. Hell, it’s been almost 10 years and I cry over that dog from time to time.


Source taken by Hugh Howey (Showing his wife, Amber and dog, Jolie):