Swirly Owl

I have another Swirly critter to post, a barn owl:

Swirly Owl


Swirly Phoenix

I give to thee a new swirly that I had been putting off because the fire part was too daunting for me.


And, because I love colouring as I stated in a previous entry, here are some colour versions:
pheonix bry


pheonix blue

And one where I removed the black parts entirely, and decided I rather like the look:

More Colouring & Some Practice Clouds

Well, I’ve been working on getting an online store front going. I am anal for details, and so this is taking much longer than I anticipated. Every time I finish one step, that step leads to 3 new steps I didn’t realize I’d need to do.

I hope to have some better new stuff to post soon, but in the meantime, here’s a colour version of my Croc Eye quick sketch, and some clouds I drew because I’ve never drawn them before. All digitally hand drawn in GIMP.

First, the Croc Eye:
croc eye sketch colour

Now the clouds.

Cartoon version:
cloud cartoon

Realism version:

Version with an extra cloud and sunrise background:
clouds sun rise colours

Missie and Leland Quick-ish sketch

Drawn in GIMP with Bamboo tablet. The dogs are from two separate photos, and I’ve tried to combine them to look like they’re standing side by side, so if you notice anything wonky in the proportions or shading, that’s why.

LelandandMissie sketch

Some More Colouring!

I use exclamations so as to trick you into thinking this is exciting and interesting stuff!


I really like these colours, so you’ll probably be seeing more of them…
Rose overhead sketch colour

Well speak of the devil!
rose 5 sketchblueredyellow

OK, a lot more, but if another artist can paint a blue dog multiple times, and another can just stick a big rope to a canvas, surely I can be forgiven for recolouring all my work in this colour scheme. (Wow that came out sounding a LOT more condescending than I intended… which is to say I intended none at all. OK, maybe a smidgen about the rope.)

flamingo sketch colour

Who says you have to be a kid to like colouring?

Before I started drawing I loved colouring. The more complex the picture to colour, the better I liked it. I was absolutely OCD about staying in the lines though, to the extent that, had I by accident gone outside of the lines between which I intended to colour, I would toss out the whole thing, offended by its very existence. On a related note, in kindergarten, whenever one of my finger-paintings did not meet my standards, I would paint a gigantic X across the entire page, and start over… much to the dismay of my teacher.

I digress, my intention was to post Swirly things which I have experimented with colours on. Mostly because I need to start keeping up with at least semi-regular posts, and to have an excuse for having spent too much time on colouring these damned things, so, without further ado here are some I’ve done so far:

Lizard wadi version

swirly peacock fire