Who says you have to be a kid to like colouring?

Before I started drawing I loved colouring. The more complex the picture to colour, the better I liked it. I was absolutely OCD about staying in the lines though, to the extent that, had I by accident gone outside of the lines between which I intended to colour, I would toss out the whole thing, offended by its very existence. On a related note, in kindergarten, whenever one of my finger-paintings did not meet my standards, I would paint a gigantic X across the entire page, and start over… much to the dismay of my teacher.

I digress, my intention was to post Swirly things which I have experimented with colours on. Mostly because I need to start keeping up with at least semi-regular posts, and to have an excuse for having spent too much time on colouring these damned things, so, without further ado here are some I’ve done so far:

Lizard wadi version

swirly peacock fire