A Pen Test Of a Ren Scribbly Drawing.

Ball point pens & marker on watercolour paper. My scanner still sucks…

I feel meh about this…

Ren Pen Test


A Scribbly Rose, Remade on Canvas. With Ballpoint Pens

You may have noticed a partial blue rose picture I posted a while ago, which was done as an experiment. I have numerous small canvases with random painting experiments done on them, does anyone else do this? Do you think I can sell them as abstract art?

Where was I?

Oh yes. Well, I made a finished piece based on the experiment. This is a “painting” (If it’s on canvas, my mind declares it as a painting.) of one of my digital scribbly paintings, drawn in a similar fashion using ball point pens over a blue marker background on 8×10 inch wrapped canvas.

The scan isn’t great… who knew a $30 printer/scanner would wind up being a hunk of crap? Weird. And it doesn’t achieve quite the level of detail that I can get on the digital version, but I am rather happy with it.

Should you be interested, this piece is for sale @ $25.00 + shipping, and you can contact me about it in the comments here, or on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mariannemasonillustration. 8709478717_af8eb615fc_k