Loki Goes A-Coning.

Har Loki

And let me be the first to say it in non-feline language; it does not please him one little bit. Not an iota.

It all started when his face blew up. At least, that’s what it looked like. Also, I’m really freaked out by wounds so… I might be exaggerating. Whatever, it was still bad, and he needed to go to the vet asap. To skip all the stuff I can’t make more interesting, he had corrective surgery and we brought him home the evening of that day oh and Baker Animal Clinic is awesome. Wait, now I’m sort of saying that I can make the rest more interesting, oh STFU BRAIN.

When they brought his cage to us, he refused to acknowledge our existence, and instead stared straight ahead while looking like he was trying to shit out a pineapple. That changed when we popped into the car to go home. Now we had a Loki who looked like he was shitting out a pineapple while also having some one yank really hard on his tail in a staccato rhythm. *Googles “staccato” before using it just because it popped into my head as the proper word… becomes entirely too pleased with her subconscious.* Then, that look never leaving his face, he spent the 10 minute drive home cursing us at ear-shattering volume in what I must assume must have been the most foul, depraved, cruel words known to felinese.


*Side note: You know what’s really creepy? When you get into a house that you KNOW has no other people in it, and your friend’s cat calls “Hello??” in a querulous voice from the next floor up in perfectly legible English. Especially if you had no idea her cat was capable of that. Her second attempt wasn’t as impressive, but I swear it sounded JUST like Kim Jong Il saying “Hello” in Team America.

Now he spends his time walking around looking like a drunk who put the lampshade on backwards. I may soon need to put a “Wide turns!” sign on his ass. He wasn’t a particularly graceful cat to begin with. He has a hard time aiming the cone of his food dish sometimes, and he seems to get massively offended when I try to help him by pulling the cone gently into a better position.

loki fuckyou


Missie and Leland Quick-ish sketch

Drawn in GIMP with Bamboo tablet. The dogs are from two separate photos, and I’ve tried to combine them to look like they’re standing side by side, so if you notice anything wonky in the proportions or shading, that’s why.

LelandandMissie sketch

Who says you have to be a kid to like colouring?

Before I started drawing I loved colouring. The more complex the picture to colour, the better I liked it. I was absolutely OCD about staying in the lines though, to the extent that, had I by accident gone outside of the lines between which I intended to colour, I would toss out the whole thing, offended by its very existence. On a related note, in kindergarten, whenever one of my finger-paintings did not meet my standards, I would paint a gigantic X across the entire page, and start over… much to the dismay of my teacher.

I digress, my intention was to post Swirly things which I have experimented with colours on. Mostly because I need to start keeping up with at least semi-regular posts, and to have an excuse for having spent too much time on colouring these damned things, so, without further ado here are some I’ve done so far:

Lizard wadi version

swirly peacock fire


Ali and Bear Portrait.

Wow, I’ve been neglecting you, haven’t I? Well here’s a drawing that took me eons to make up for it.

It’s graphite on bristol paper, and I actually intend on adding a background, but my favourite part is done so I’m impatient to post it! You’ll notice an incongruous white block… err sorry ’bout that, I had to scan it in two parts, and for some reason I clipped the bottom of the human half.

alibear done

Bowmanville Zoo – Part 1

Having not felt particularly artsy in months, I’ve taken to taking photos instead. I’m not insinuating photography isn’t artsy, as I believe it is, but generally I don’t consider myself a good enough photographer to call it artsy when I do it.

This will not stop me from showing off shots that I think turned out well.

Flying Seagull

Looking Up

Wolves Again

What have you got there, and can we have some?

Grey Wolves

Wolves, too blurry *sad face*

Zebra Grazing

Tiger sneezing

Ruffed Lemur!

Another Lemur!


Howling Wolf