Just Keepin On Keepin On.

I admit, I’m frustrated with myself right now… I believe it’s Asshole Brain’s doing more than my own legitimate feelings, or rather that Asshole Brain is currently majorly magnifying my doubts and fears. There’s part of the problem I think, it takes grains of truth from my subconscious and warps them into nightmares, but because there’s that grain of truth, it’s so much harder to deny. So much easier to not see the lie.

In the mean time, I’m still playing with the Gallery Glass paints, wanna see? Sure you do! (Pardon me while I channel my 6-year-old self.)

Crap, now I have to go back and check which ones I’ve already posted… I really should do this stuff before I start. Or I could not mention it, but that’s just not how I roll.

Alright, I see where I left off. I’ve definitely improved! I need to actually sell more of these, I keep buying supplies instead of food and stuff. MOAR ART SUPPLIES. Honestly though, I am so happy to have even a chunk of my muse back that I’m appeasing her with many paints, picture frame stuff and other various supplies. In my defence I did pick most of the stuff up at incredibly good prices.

I made another fox, I changed the shape up a bit…

faux glass fox tealgold

The colour didn’t quite come out, so here’s a close up that’s much more accurate:

faux glass fox tealgold detail

And I made an elephant:
faux glass elephant

And a cat:
faux glass cat

Despite my above whining, the elephant and the cat are both sold. The fox is still available for $25USD plus shipping which is generally between $10 and $15 in North America.


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