Review – Way of the Wolf (Vampire Earth, Book 1) by E. E. Knight

I read a book review recently that used the term “immersive” and thought to myself that it sounded kind of unnatural, and that perhaps this was one of those reviews that I have recently learned people can buy for their own work, yes; I can be somewhat naive. Unfortunately that word is stuck in my mind now, so damn it, I’m going to use it here. This book is immersive. Which is damned disturbing when you’ve put it on as your current, “shut my mind up so I can sleep by replacing my inner voice with this book” book. Oh sure, I assumed it was vampires and stuff with war mixed in, but I wasn’t quite prepared for this. It’s… hmm, let’s call it gritty, it is to regular vampire stories as A Song of Ice and Fire is to standard epic fantasy is how I find myself thinking of it. Though, come to think of it, I wouldn’t say it really has “vampires” per se. It’s difficult to nod off when you’re suddenly up to your internally visual neck in a battle between hardened soldiers, horrifying almost indestructible non-classical vampire alien monster things and what not. The fact that the audio version has battle sounds in it probably didn’t help. So instead it has become my book to listen to while drawing.

It’s a post-apocalyptic war story where most of the remnants of mankind are held as livestock by aliens who feed on their “aura” (Something like “qi” I suspect.), and a relatively small group of people fighting to stay free, and trying to take back the world from the aliens who nearly destroyed it.

This is not your standard vampire story, so if you’re looking for that here, you might want to look elsewhere. Though, you really would be missing out if you do, in my humble opinion

I listened to the Graphic Audio version, which is a far more theatrical version than most standard audio books. I really enjoyed the use of sound effects and music in creating ambiance. Different voice actors for each characters adds more life to the story as well. I can think of only two complaints, at least one of which is a highly subjective opinion. First, the sound of eating was distracting. It was like standing next to one of those annoying people who chews their gum with excessive gusto. Second, the sex scenes. There was just something I found awkward about them. Maybe it was the moaning in the background as the narrator explained what was happening… I don’t know, it just felt weird to me.

Check out the Graphic Audio version.

Or the any other version on Amazon.

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