The Birds. *cue Alfred Hitchcock theme*

I’m looking through old photos of mine, trying to find a specific one, which I have not found. I did however find these ones.

Back story: My friend Jen and I returned home from a trip to New Orleans, and The Better Half, looking mightily discombobulated, mentioned that we had a … “situation” in the basement. The basement is also our bedroom, so I was a tad concerned (Hey, it’s finished and is quite a bit cooler in the summer… plus, it allows me the option of introducing myself with, “It Came From… BELOW” in a menacing tone.) I learn there are… birds down there. Possibly a flock. Judging from his face, I was expecting something a la Hitchcock.

I saw the shit first, and frankly, I was starting to think my Hitchcock analogy wasn’t going to be far off. Sparrows (Well, I think these guys are sparrows, frankly I’m no small brown bird expert, feel free to correct me.) can shit with the best of them. I’ve come to the conclusion that sparrows must be 90% shit. Tiny flying crap factories. Suffice it to say there was bird shit EVERYWHERE. And nary a bird to be seen at first. It took us a couple days to catch the last little bastard of the three that were down there. They kept hopping up into the ceiling, via a large gaping hole where a panel had been removed to access wiring.

And just why the hell would three sparrows ALL suddenly decide they need to live in my basement? I mean, really… one would be weird enough, especially as my basement has no direct access to the great outdoors, except a fireplace, which is where we assumed they came from. And there are two fireplaces on the way down the chimney that the birds could have detoured out of. But three of them all making that decision? I’m pretty sure they were all female, so, not some weird mating thing. They didn’t seem to have any interest in nesting in the chimney. There weren’t random bird feeders in my room. So… why?


These are all girls... right?

These are all girls… right?


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