Burgers Grow Where?

So, for the last while I’ve had the visual arts equivalent to writer’s block. So, in the meantime, allow me to share this anecdote from my recent trip to the mall, a place I try to avoid whenever possible.

So, I’m in the food court, waiting with my weirder half (OK, so I’m really the weirder half… what of it?) for some food he ordered, and one of the restaurants nearby is a Harvey’s. I do not like Harvey’s. I think their burgers taste like those cheap frozen ones from the grocery store, although I will confess I don’t mind their chicken products. They have an ad up with a picture of one of their burgers that says, “The burger that other burgers want to be when they grow up.”

I turn to him and say, “The burgers they want to be when they grow up, my ass.”

In reply to which I get the WEIRDEST look, a pause, and then a concerned, “When they grow up your ass?”

I’m ashamed to say it took me a moment. Why can there not be some sort of verbal cue for commas?

Oh, and as an aside, I feel the need to tell you all that Ash’s new super-villain name is “The Dangler”, after scooting into the house with a big old poop-pendulum swinging from his ass as he tried to make a dive under the desk I was sitting at. I’m 99% certain he thought he could run and hide from it. Instead he just made the shittiest air-freshener ever. Pun absolutely intended.


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