Unsolved Mysteries

I often wonder about things that seem inexplicable. Things like:

Does the universe have an edge? If so, what’s beyond it? If not, how does that work?

After many years of being a well-known spoof magazine, and many many many people explaining to other commenters that the story they are reading is not true, how are there ALWAYS people who take posts from the Onion seriously?

On a related note, why is it that on one post/article/whatever, there are always people who make a comment, despite the fact that 30 people before them have already said the same exact damned thing.

Why am I perfectly okay with ingesting globs of bee spit while the idea of eating actual insects horrified me?

And on similar note, why is it considered perfectly normal to consume products made from the milk cows and other livestock, but except during infancy most people consider drinking human milk almost unthinkable?

Why is it called Survivor when nobody ever dies?

Why do we lavish wealth and attention on people whose only claim to fame is the fact that they are outrageous buffoons?

How is it possible for time to have a beginning?


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