My Addiction

I… I have an addiction.

It started out simply, as addiction most often does. It was just a bit here and a touch there when it began. Just a way to pass the time, a momentary indulgence when there was nothing else to pique my interest, or take up my time with more important tasks. Something to make unavoidable idle time pass by faster. Soon I was tearing through the light stuff. What originally lasted 10 – 20 minutes would now take perhaps a tenth of that time to run out. So I moved onto harder stuff, until that too became mundane, easy, safe and over far too quickly. Finally the hardest stuff I could find just wasn’t doing it for me… Now I do 5-7 of them at the same time. I dream of grids and single digit numbers.

Now, if you’ll pardon me, I’ve got some Sudoku to get back to.


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