We are ALL Insane

We ALL do things that are irrational, illogical and often, completely unnecessary.

Look at all the seemingly insane things we do. We feel real emotions over characters in stories despite knowing full well they don’t even exist. We become attached to them, to imaginary creations. Tell me that’s not just slightly insane, especially as we mock kids for having invisible friends. Yeah, having an invisible friend you made up and became attached to is so much weirder than being emotionally attached to the imaginary friends of complete strangers.

We pay extravagant amounts of money for shiny baubles. Trophies that do nothing to enrich our lives other than show others how much disposable wealth we have.

Hell, look at how emotional we get over sounds. By sounds, I mean curse words and the like. When it comes right down to it, a curse word is nothing more than sound and/or symbols used to represent that sound. Curse words have absolutely no negative effect beyond what we allow them to have. You will never get cancer from curse words, you will never starve, drown, or even get a mild case of heartburn from hearing, or seeing a curse word. You could sit through 6 hours straight of someone saying every curse word and offensive term in every language known to mankind and it would still have no physical effect on you, and any mental effect would be due to societal conditioning. And the ways we try to get around swearing, while still getting the same sentiment across is perhaps even more ridiculous. I say shit, and you say shoot, and we both mean the exact same thing, we both feel the exact same emotions when we say those words, but because my word has the “i” and yours has the “oo” somehow your exclamation is more acceptable. Or when we bleep out swear words… Because no one knows that when they hear bleep that someone swore.

Neurosurgeons make anywhere from $450,000 – 1,000,000 per year, while some TV actors make that for a single episode of a sitcom.

We risk our lives for nothing more than the thrill of it. We often pay vast sums to do so.

Graphic violence might be frown upon, or glorified, but show a penis and shit will be lost on an epic scale. I’m still far more shocked by male frontal nudity in a movie than I am by damned near any amount of gore, simply because of the rarity of the former.


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