So I’m re-drawing every single swirly because they weren’t quite polished enough for me. Initially I only intended on adding my signature to them, and maybe a watermark to the largest versions. That went out the window when I opened the first one and realized it didn’t look quite as nice as the most recent one I finished in terms of line integrity and yeah I did the whole damned thing over, this will happen with them all, it’s happened now with about 10 of them.

I hate me sometimes.

A lot of times, because I do this all the time. Any asshole who tries to tell you being a perfectionist is a good thing, is a filthy, filthy liar. You know what’s not perfect? And never ever will be? Me. And you. And everyone.

Having an uncontrollable and irrefutable desire to achieve perfection + Being incapable of perfection = System meltdown/freeze. OK, now I’m exaggerating, because obviously I do get things done, things that are far from perfect, but the amount I fail to do out of that freezing, that fear of imperfection is horrible waste.

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