Don't Turn Away

Please don’t turn away.

Don’t cover your eyes. It won’t stop it happening… it will only make it easier for it to happen.

Don’t tell yourself it’s not so bad. If you have to tell yourself that, it probably IS that bad.

Don’t tell yourself someone else will call, will step in, will take action. They’re probably thinking the same thing of you. It’s always better to have a duplicate warning than none at all. In fact, in most cases the more independent warnings, the better.

Don’t tell yourself it won’t make any difference if you try to help. While that may be true, not doing anything is guaranteed to not help. People will spend endless amounts on lotteries for that one in a million chance they’ll win; the odds that your reporting abuse will save a person or creature is much greater, and much cheaper. Besides, nothing will ever change if we simply accept the unpalatable because we currently hold little power to stop it.

Look, see, feel. Know what evils exist. Know what people are capable of. Know what an innocent suffered. Know you can walk away when they can’t. Know what truly deserves your outrage. If just knowing about it is awful for you, imagine having to live through it. Know that someone or something is living it now, right this very second. Know that you can do something about it.

Honour their suffering, give it meaning, give it purpose beyond what the perpetrator took, it could be too late for anything else, but we can at least do that much. In many cases, that’s the only way you can help. Let it give you the courage to intervene the next time you know abuse is taking place.

I know that what I am saying is nothing new, but it bears repeating as many times as possible


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