A Swirly Rooster

Man do I hate trying to come up with descriptions, I mean, it’s a picture, it’s sort of self-explanatory. As you can see, it’s a rooster. It’s swirly. It’s stylized. The finished product was made using Gimp and a Bamboo tablet. Ta-da!

I’ve discovered I prefer the swirlies with a bit less of the actual swirls, so my newer ones don’t have quite so many curls.

swirly rooster


2 thoughts on “A Swirly Rooster

    • I generally charge $30USD for logos, however this one has already been used in other projects, and it’s one I’m not willing to give up copyright to. But, I’m feeling particularly friendly today so if you would still like to use it, you may, so long as you attribute me, and realize that the design itself may end up in other places on other things that I create.

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