Dogs Dogs Dogs.

I love dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, medium dogs. Dogs. I confess to a preference for large dogs though. I don’t understand how anyone could hurt a dog. Whenever I read about it, I can’t help but look at my own and wonder how. Same with children and the elderly for that matter, but I’m not writing about them just now.

I’m fascinated by the evolution of dogs. Look at pugs. Those things came from wolves. How amazing is that? THAT is genetic engineering by people who probably would have looked at you strangely had you mentioned those words to them. Of course, they probably didn’t speak English.

Dogs are often smarter than we give them credit for. Take Ash; Ash has us trained to refill their water when he discovers it empty. Considering how promptly we do the job when he rattles the bowl to alert us, versus how quickly he brings us a ball when we ask him where it is, I’d judge he’s doing a far better job of training us, than we are of training him, and we don’t even get any sort of prize for fulfilling his wishes. Strangely enough, Ren has not taught us to fetch him water. He has however discovered how to make pretty much anyone scratch his ass. My first dog learned an amazing amount simply by following me around and paying attention to what I did and said. Ren and Ash are the same. There is no smoking in our house, so the smokers here ask each other if they want to go for a smoke. Ash and Ren have learned this means that people are going outside, and will probably take the dogs with them. So now, they will run to the door when they hear the word “smoke”. Ren also figured out the name of the laser pointer that he is absolutely in love with. It has gotten to the point that if we are asking one another where it is, we have to spell the name, because he recognizes both words.

Allow me to share links to some of my favourite dog articles with you:

1. Stray dogs in Russia that have learned to use the Subway system and to manipulate human beings to steal their food.

2. Tarra and Bella, and elephant living in a sanctuary in Tennessee and a stray dog who became her best friend. (This one makes me cry like a baby.)

3. Shelter dogs in New Zealand being taught to drive cars.

4. “American Psychological Association (2009, August 10). Dogs’ Intelligence On Par With Two-year-old Human, Canine Researcher Says.”

I could spend all day finding more links, but that should do for now, so here are photos of Ren and Ash enduring my placing food all over them:

Treats Step 1

Treats Step 2

Treats grand finale

I used Beggin Strips for this, and they LOVE them. Love love love them. I made them stay like this for about 20 seconds after the last photo and then told them they could eat. They promptly turned into canine vacuums. They don’t fight over the pieces, and should they accidentally fling one of their own pieces too close to the other, they give it up to whoever can get it first quite politely (Something I still marvel over…). Now if only they were as well-mannered about squirrels and remote control vehicles, but hey, I’ll take my bragging where I can get it.


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