The Dead…She Walks

Right now I feel old and fucking broken
Used all up
So many unnecessary words have been spoken

Dried up, dead and putrid inside
Life sucked out
On the verge of a fucking suicide

My skin feels contused and lacerated
exposed to the elements
I’m itchy and ulcerated

I’m like a piece of death just ambling along
keep tripping up
and soon all of this dusty soul will be gone

Cannot seem to wake from this nightmare
screaming, kicking
but those heavy dark walls never seem to disappear.

I glance around for things so familiar just a small taste of home
but faces become twisted and frightening,
and nothing is fucking clear…just muddied and alone

I need to slip away but don’t know where to go
fucking lost…
Just bury me deep beneath his heavy snows.


Laura Howell Horner
Do Not Copy or Use Without Permission


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