Cat Coat = EPIC FAIL

I stand before you cat-coatless, a sad fragile being, stripped of housecoats, and several layers of skin in some areas. I’m so cold… hold me…

I suppose it was doomed to fail from the beginning, but damnit a girl can dream! I was able to round them up with little trouble, hell, it was all good right up to kitty insertion point. After that… not so great… They kept escaping, so I had to add zippers, this did not please them.

No it did not please them at all.

Did you know cats are evil? You probably still underestimated them…

They couldn’t escape at first, and were getting slightly frantic about it, so I put chunks of meat in with them and they were alright. Then, the dogs managed to get into the room, and promptly smelled 2 of their favouritist things (Did that song from The Sound of Music go through anyone else’s head just now?), meat n’ pussy.

Chaos, I know thee well… to put it mildly I’m not a good seamstress. The cats managed to get mostly freed, at the very least, paws were free, dogs were no longer so happy. The dogs bolted, chased by a massive multiple limbed, toothed & clawed Housecoat/Cat atrocity, a catrocity if you will, yelping as they dashed. I fear they’ll never be the same…

Original Cat Coat post



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