Or would “insomaniacal” be a better portmanteau?

I have to get up!

What? Why?!

I HAVE to get up!!

No… I have to sleep… idiot.

But… but… I’m forgetting something!!

Oooook… what am I forgetting?

Hmm… umm… good question… I have to think about it.

That’s it!!

That’s what?

What I need to do!

and that is?

I have to get up!!

Oh good fucking lord… Again, what I have to do is sleep. You. Idiot.

So… now that’s you’re up, let’s chat!

I don’t want to chat, I want to sleep, I NEED to sleep!

Nope… chat… now…

I hate you. Well, now I’m too pissed off to sleep either way, what do you want to chat about?

Every horrible thing that has ever happened, every worry you have real or imagined… Everything you haven’t managed to do yet. Everything you need to do tomorrow, but will probably be too tired to do now. Nothing much…

You unforgivable bastard…


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