The Politest Dog Fight in History.

Or at least in the top ten.

If you’ve read certain previous entries of mine you’d know I live with two Gerstralian Dogs. If you don’t know what a Gerstralian is, please read my Terrible Mistake entry. See, I’ve just advertised more of my blog AND saved myself an explanation. Of course, I’ve now spent more time on explaining about saving on explaining.

Allow me to present Ash and Ren. Ash is the merle coated dog, and Ren is the orange one and they are brothers, though they have distinct personalities. This is them fighting over what I believe is a deer antler. It could also be a stick. I don’t know. They will sit like this, directly beside each other, so that each can hold a fairly equal piece of the toy or treat being “fought” over, and they will do so for quite some time. When things start getting really rough, they grumble irritatedly at each other, one might pull his head slightly away. Eventually one will “win” because the other one needed a drink or decided to molest a person. Or, they’ll fall asleep on each other.

Now they do have moments where they genuinely rough house, but just as often, they do the sit n grumble. Or Ash will play a rousing game of keep away, wherein he shoves whatever toy he has directly into Ren’s face, batting him with it until Ren finally tries to take it. When Ren goes for it, Ash promptly yanks his head away, only to start batting Ren in the face again ten seconds later.


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