Dear Stupid People.

I know you won’t actually read this, because well; you’re stupid. Or, you will read this, get defensive, and proceed to ignore everything I say. Still, I need to vent because I’ve discovered that there isn’t enough material in the world to make voodoo dolls/effigies to cover all of you so this is all I’ve got. Besides those pins hurt when I stab myself rather than my tiny version of you.

1. Before you next find yourself driving with your pet or child, and decide you want to go get your hair done, (Or shop, or visit friends, or whatever idiotic things stupid people enjoy.) while leaving your helpless passengers in the car in broiling hot weather; go out to your car. Alone. Sit in it.

See how fucking hot that is? Now stay there, with your doors and windows closed. For 10 minutes. Now, try to imagine what that would be like for hours at a time.

I’m not entirely sure how the hell you managed to make it to the legal driving age without realizing that cars get really REALLY hot in the sun and warm weather, but it’s quite the damned achievement. Congratulations.

2. Stop telling or implying to everyone that expresses sadness or outrage on a sad or infuriating article that they should just shut up, since this other random cause is just so much more tragic.

For example:

Telling people on an animal abuse thread that they should be more worried about human abuse, as if somehow caring about one negates the possibility of caring about the other.

Guess what? There is ALWAYS something more tragic. It doesn’t mean we should ignore the lesser evils. That’s like telling a person with a broken leg to not complain or seek help, since there are people with no legs at all.

3. Along the same vein. Here in the real world, people get pissed off when someone gravely harms another, through an act of utter and completely avoidable stupidity.In order to vent that anger without having to resort to physical violence, many people choose to rant about the aforementioned stupidity. Please don’t jump in to tell everyone who points the idiocy of the act out, how they must think they are perfect and never make mistakes, with a tone of snide condescension.

The last thing this world needs is to lower the bar on acceptable asininity.

Another variable on this is the good old, “I hope when this happens to you that everyone is as mean.” or something to that effect, when someone is suffering due to having done something irrefutably dumb and selfish. Well you can keep that dream alive, because it’s never going to happen. Unlike you and apparently everyone you know, I am not an idiot, nor so ridiculously self-involved or lacking in empathy, that this could happen to me.

4. I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

5. Unlike you, turn signals exist for a reason.

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