Stink Toe

Tainted, I’ve been… tainted. Like a woman on the subway, I was molested before I realized what was happening. I was watching TV with my two favourite people; henceforth known as Josh and Jen. I don’t recall what we were watching, but there was also a conversation going on, which I have also forgotten. I claim PTSD…

I have a sectional L couch, Josh was sitting on one end, I was beside him, and Jen was sitting in the corner. The dogs were playing as they usually do, that is to say, as close to us as possible. Did you know that, if you sit on my couch with your legs crossed guy-style, the toe on your elevated foot aligns perfectly with the ass of Dissident’s dog? Neither did I. I wasn’t paying close enough attention! I knew they were there, but damn it… they’re ALWAYS there.

The dogs are playing tug of war, directly in front of me, Ash closest with his ass facing me; can you blame me for not watching carefully? So, as I sit, lost in conversation, Ash made a rather decent tug, and impaled his rectum on my toe. I have been violated. I guess so has Ash… I felt sphincter… I screamed… Ash ran… I wailed a bit, then I spent the rest of the evening threatening people (ok, Jen and Josh) with my “stink toe” but damn it, they asked for it with the howls of laughter directed at me. Ren found my toe quite fascinating right afterwards…


4 thoughts on “Stink Toe

  1. My dog has given me stink nose, but to get stink toe, I kinda think you have to want it. Regardless, then was the time to trick your man into toesucking.

    • Typical victim blaming.

      “You shouldn’t have worn that provocative clothing.”
      “You shouldn’t have held your toe so provocatively close to that dog’s anus.”

      And I think tricking him may have proved difficult considering he was sitting right beside me with it happened.

    • I wouldn’t say he “let” it happen.

      Oh, and upon further consideration, I am disturbed by your “Stink Nose”.

      Being that I obtained a stink toe by having it shoved unceremoniously and against my will, up the ass of a dog, I can’t help but imagine where you’ve been sticking your nose.

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