Review – Sensations Mini Eclairs

A review in three words:

“Om nom nom!”

Yes, I sort of insinuated in a previous post that I would be reviewing books. So, in the name of false hopes and inconsistency I bring you a review of mini eclairs, made by Sobey’s own brand, “Sensations”. This will probably only be useful to my fellow Canadians, for the rest of you, I feel for you.  Really I do…

These things are evil. They gave me a severe case of the Justonemores. I’m very picky about my food. Especially food that should be made with real cream products. The filling in these is tasty, no oily or lardy flavour, it’s not quite whipped cream, and not quite custard. No whipped toppingness. Whipped topping is the bane of my existence. Except, strangely enough, when used to make quicky cheesecake.

The pastry to chocolate to filling ratio is pretty close to perfect, I think my only complaint would be that the chocolate could be a bit better, I find it sort of flavourless if you don’t let it melt a fair amount. Meaning you sit there with an upside down eclair in your mouth for a few minutes, but I could think of worse wastes of time. Each one is two bites… at least, two of my bites.

They are of course, entirely not good for you.


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