AMA – Voltron, Drunk Eating, Undies

Can I go home early from work today? It is going to be 65 and sunny today and I feel a *cough* cold coming on.
Dear RockRgrl,
Well it’s now Saturday, but yes… yes you can! On Monday if you don’t work weekends, tell them its a holiday for you.The anniversary of the birth of your saviour, Voltron, for which you must stay home with friends and family of the same faith and honour the day by gathering cats, painting them and attempting to form a robot with them.

Why do things taste sooo much better drunk than sober? Cheetos Puffcorn, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese crackers and Food from Waffle House?Is it possible that much like beer goggles, I can have vodka tonic taste buds?


I had a big long-winded answer to this, it was a masterpiece of epic proportions. Truly, you would have wept with joy to have read it.Unfortunately before I finished, I got the munchies and when I came back, the cat had deleted it and replaced it with, “sssssssssdwfwwfs” Which I can only hope and assume was Cattish for “If you think drinking enhances your tastebuds, you should try catnip!”

What have you been doing for those years?
What color & style undies are you wearing?
Dearest Dv-us,Subverting the innocent and bitching about fruitflies.

Undies? I don’t need no stinkin undies!

Especially if they’re fundies: which strike me as awkward both in function and in having to explain to people that you aren’t referring to superduper religious people. Although the contrast between the two meanings does amuse me.


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