Life Lessons.

Allow me to pass on a few pearls of wisdom I have accumulated over my life span. I’m not sure if some of them might have fit better in the Rules post, but oh well.

– When trying to repair/build a computer, chances are it will take 2-3 times longer than anticipated.

– I can stick my earlobe right into my ear & have it stay that way…

– In a restaurant in Bloemfontein, South Africa, I discovered “Canadian” french toast on the menu. Judging by that, I’m not really Canadian, seeing as to the best of my knowledge, no one here puts mustard inside 2 pieces of french toast.

– Its best not to talk about french toast with mustard in it when you already feel queasy.

– Everybody hates getting stuck at the kiddy table during family dinners. Including the kids.

– Unlike what I believed when I was very young, growing older does in no way mean growing more wise or mature. In fact I’m pretty sure its just as likely to be the opposite of that… I guess it’s because they’ve practiced stupid so long they’ve made it an art.

– When rear-ended by a Suzuki Swift, while driving an old-school Audi station wagon, the Audi will appear scuffed… the Swift will appear to be a mangled heap.

– Airplanes are one of the absolutely worst places to get hit with diarrhea.

– When traveling long distance by bus, do NOT sit near the washroom… especially if there’s a lil old lady on the bus. This may also apply to airplanes.

– Horses are capable of absolutely epic farts. So when you see photos of a beautiful horse with its tail lifted to the wind, all majestic and whatnot, well, that’s probably not the breeze lifting its tail.

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