Ask Me Anything!

Hi, thank you for calling someone who may pretend to care! My name is Marianne, how can I help you?

Before we continue, I just need to let you know a few things about the service provided!

I will answer any question; you can ask my advice, my opinion, or just general knowledge. I make no guarantees however that I will be honest, funny, intellectual, interesting, or serious; I may be one, all or none of the preceding. I will do my best to provide said response within 24 hours of the questions, but I make no guarantees on that either. Unless you start paying me… quitcherbitchin. If I do not know the correct response to your query I will in all likelihood create some random tale of utter bullshit. If I do know the correct response, there’s still a good chance I will go with the utter bullshit.

If you really must have a serious answer I’m willing to try…

To send me your questions, either email me @, or put your question in the comments here, or on any other forthcoming Ask Me Anything posts. Oh and on my facebook fanpage:


2 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything!

  1. Dear Marianne,
    I saw a Facebook Poster talking about their son being diagnosed with gills. Then later today, i heard on the radio on Coast to Coast,talking about Merpeople. Do Mermaids exist? Have you drawn a Merman? What is up with humansd having gills.? This appears to be a real phenomenon..

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