So… I've started a blog.

Of course, if you’re here reading this, you’ve probably figured out that much by now. My general plan is first to drag over some posts from a small blog I kept on a forum I frequent. I figure this way, I can learn what on earth I’m doing with wordpress while not having to actually think of what to write about! Plus… I’m sort of attached to many of those entries.

I guess I should give an overview of what this blog will generally be about. Honestly? I’m not sure. Art. Definitely art. Ranting, I do a LOT of ranting. Rambling, I do a lot of that too! I will probably talk about my dogs all the time. I love dogs… and cats… and pretty much every other animal in existence. Except earwigs. Earwigs are icky. And centipedes… with those long creepy legs. *shudder*  And giant water bugs. There should not be 2-3 inch long bugs in Ontario. Period. They simply shouldn’t exist, and they sure as hell shouldn’t fly. All through out my childhood, I was sure that, while I had to put up with cold weather for half the year, that meant that at least our bugs were small. But after one assaulted my mother (Who took it very well, by running around screaming like a banshee… which is still probably better than what I would have done.) I learned that in fact, we have giant flying attack bugs that are armed well enough to eat FISH. Not even tiny fish. Like… goldfish sized fish.

Seriously, look at this bloody thing:

Now you can thank me for the nightmares that are sure to come.

Oh yes… and I often go off on tangents.


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